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Walk for Hope is a 2.5 or 5 km family friendly event in support of the Pregnancy Care Centre. It takes place annually on the first Saturday in June at two locations: Edmonton and Barrhead. Anyone can also choose to participate virtually to walk when you want, where you want!

You can still participate virtually until the end of June 2022.


How does it work?



Registration only takes a few minutes.

Create a team or register as an individual and then invite friends, family, or co-workers to join you.

Still need to register? Click below. Already registered? Keep scrolling.



We rely on the generosity of donors just like you for all we do. Individuals and businesses in our community make it possible for women and children to get the help they need.

When you register online, fundraising is made easy. Simply share your custom link with family, friends, and co-workers. They can give with just a few clicks!

Of course, if you prefer paper forms, we've got you covered. Contact us and we'll set you up.


Event Day

Every year on the first Saturday in June - join us!

Find out more details for each location. Or find out how participating virtually works.


Frequently Asked Questions 2022

I'm participating virtually. What if I want to walk over several days?

You can do that! While our in person walks will take place on June 4th you can walk, run, or ride whenever you choose to. Please note that the online donation window closes on the last day of June, 2022.

Will PCC be gifting t-shirts again this year?

We sure will! Registrants (whether walking individually or with a team) who raise $200 or more will be gifted one Walk for Hope t-shirt. (For example, if a team of 5 people raises $1,000, that team will get one t-shirt per member.) T-shirts are available in limited quantities and sizes, and are given out on a first come, first served basis. We look forward to gifting you your Walk for Hope t-shirt on the day of the event.

Walking virtually, but want to claim your t-shirt? Reach out to us after June 4th to check availability and arrange pickup.

When registering online, creating my team, how do I register children or anyone else without an email address?

No problem. If you want to be sure you're all accounted for, simply include the total number of participants in brackets next to the name of someone with an email address. For example, if Jane Smith is walking with her two children, she could simply register as Jane Smith (3). We love knowing how many people are walking along with us! If you participate in our in-person walk, you'll need to fill out some paper forms the day of.

What if I prefer to have a paper donation collection form?

We can make that happen for you. Simply contact us by phone or email, and we'll get you set up.

Is there a registration fee?

If you're coming to one of our June 4th in-person events, there is. The registration "fee" per walker is a $25 dollar donation. This is waived for all walkers who raised at least $25 in donations. If you're walking virtually, there is no registration fee or minimum fundraising amount.

Will donors get a tax receipt?

If a donor provides us with their contact information, they will get a tax receipt in February 2023 for any donation of $20 or more. If they donate online through Canada Helps, their tax receipt will come from Canada Helps according to their policies.

If you can't find the answers to your questions below, please email us.

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